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The School

International Pilot Academy school building

International Pilot Academy operates out of Carp Airport, just minutes away from downtown Ottawa. We are the closest airport to the training area in the Ottawa region.

As Carp is an uncontrolled airport in a controlled airspace, our students will get the best of both worlds. Carp Airport operates 24/7 and is able to accommodate aircraft flying in any weather conditions. Students, renters and instructors are also given full access to the hangar facilities.

In addition to our main Carp location, International Pilot Academy also operates out of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. This location is only used for ground training, which includes the full motion Redbird flight simulator — one of only a few in the region — as well as our ground school.

The Staff

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Jules Selwan


Born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1982, Jules Selwan is a business owner and aviation professional. In addition to his ownership of International Pilot Academy, he is actively involved in the management of other businesses. A lifelong airplane enthusiast, he fulfilled his childhood dream by obtaining his first flight licence in his native Lebanon. He has since obtained a commercial pilot licence in Canada, and become a certified flight instructor. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is fluent in English, French and Arabic.

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Marc St-Onge

Chief Flight and Aerobatics Instructor

I started my flying career with the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1997. I also obtained my private pilot license the same year. I retired from the military in 2002 and pursued my instructor rating. I currently hold a Commercial Pilot license, Flight Instructor – Class 1 rating, Aerobatics Instructor – Class 1 rating, and an Instrument – Group 3 rating. I have been teaching at almost every flight school in the region. My passion in aviation is aerobatics where I hold a Class 1 instructor rating. I am also involved in Chapter 5 of Aerobatics Canada and am well known by most aerobatics pilots in the area. As a Royal Military Graduate in Computer Engineering, I continue to provide consulting services to the Canadian Forces and remain closely connected to my military roots. I have been instrumental in creating the Primary Flight Training preparatory course intended for the Air Force Pilot candidates prior to their training at Portage-la-Prairie. I am fully bilingual.

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Mike Hogan

Business Development Coordinator

My background is in business development. I have been fortunate to travel all around the world and understand the importance of offering quality service to prospective clients. Aviation has always been a passion of mine. I acquired my private pilot license in 2007. I also went on to acquiring my night rating, over the top rating, floating rating, tail wheel training, and wheel ski training. I have flown Cessna, Diamond, Piper and Maule tail dragger aircraft during my training. Looking forward to bringing International Pilot Academy to different parts of the world.

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Hassan Kelkas

Flight Dispatcher, Operations Coordinator

I first started in the aviation field in 2003. At that time I did customer service and sales for a while as well as airport and airline management. I hold an airport and airline manager license and am currently working on my commercial Pilot License. I am currently the full time flight dispatcher, and operations coordinator responsible for everything from safety to sales.

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Michael S. Lamb

Flight Instructor

I started in aviation by founding the Embrun Aero Club in 1986 and served as the Vice President until 1988. Joined the Rockcliffe Flying Club in 1988 and began my training for the Private Pilot License. Completed my PPL in September 1989. Joined the Circle V Flying club in 1991 and served as Vice President until 1993. During that time I completed my Tail Wheel checkout as well as a Skiplane checkout. In 1993 I completed my Seaplane Rating in a Piper J-3 Cub. 1994, completed my Commercial Pilot License. Flew with the Civil Air Patrol as a Search and Rescue Mission Pilot and Cadet Orientation Pilot from 2002 to 2005 as a 1st Lieutenant. Joined the Naples Florida EAA Chapter in 2004 and served as Secretary, Vice President and then President until 2008. Owned a Piper J-3 c65 Cub and a BEDE BD-4 Experimental aircraft. Completed my Flight Instructor Rating in July 2012. Currently building a Bede BD-4 Homebuilt in my garage at home, should be ready to fly on Tuesday. Which Tuesday, I am not saying.

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Benoît Saulnier

Flight Instructor

Catching the aviation bug at an early age, I started my flight training in late 2010, first obtaining my private licence in early 2012. I have then continued on to obtain a commercial pilot licence as well as my class 4 instructor rating, accumulating most of my flying experience in the Ottawa area. I currently am a 3rd year student at the University of Ottawa, working towards an Honors degree in Social Sciences with major in Political science. I am fluent in both French and English.